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Coooooold weather [28 Jan 2010|05:59pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

One thing I truly miss about Japan is their good food. Readily-made Yakisoba with a fresh mug of cold Asahi beer on a rainy day...perfect menu... @__@

Then we had Okonomiyaki. I was already full at this point, but still couldn't stop myself from eating.

....now I go eat my bowl of instant ramen...

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It's snowing right now [27 Jan 2010|06:38pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Another series of good food from Korealand!

Despite the bakery being named similarly to the beloved opera singer, the place has nothing to do with him.

PappaRoti is famed for this bun. You can start smelling the sweetness from a mile away. The bun is crusted on the outside that tastes like coffee...

...and the inside the soft bun is filled with warm melted butter.

Perfect dessert for a cup of hot tea. Perfect dessert to gain tons of weight.

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Hot Chocolate [26 Jan 2010|04:53pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

When it comes to hot chocolate, I remember the best hot chocolate I've ever had just past month. You could choose your hot chocolate to be more bitter like dark chocolate and it would be made with melted pieces of chocolates rather than the conventional powder. When served, you drink only 1/3 of it. You then place the rose-flavored chocolate piece in the hot chocolate and let it melt. You have a more rich flavor of the chocolate with a hint of rose. After drinking half of it, you mix in few drops of rum or cognac to finish the rest.

Actually, I ordered a cup of latte...but ended up stealing most of the hot chocolate that my aunt ordered because it was just TOO GOOD.

*sigh* ...I miss that hot chocolate already...Despite it being friggen expensive...

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Another one of those Korean comic translations! [07 Oct 2009|01:19am]
[ mood | tired ]

Let us ignore the part about how I haven't posted forever. Anyways, I came across another amusing webcomic done by a Korean artist! This artist usually makes parody comics on well-known fairy tales and put in realistic points of view or unseen observations.

This one is about Captain Hook from Peter Pan (obviously big picture warning)Collapse )

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Stephen Colbert vs. Rain [11 Nov 2008|06:42pm]
[ mood | amused ]

So, some of you would already be familiar with the whole rivalry between Stephen Colbert (a "reporter" for the Stephen Colbert show on Comedy Central) and Rain (a Korean pop-star who became overly popular across Asia). For those who are not familiar, you can watch the video below.

May 5, 2007

He's singing in Korean~ He's singing in Korean~ :D

What I did not know was how further this rivalry continued over the past year...

And it all started from a Time Magazine 'Most influential people'...Collapse )

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Aside from this being a random post... [10 Nov 2008|12:09am]
[ mood | tired ]

I've done something rather stupid this weekend and it put me under this situation:


Continue...?Collapse )

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'ho gawd, it's been forever since my last update. [03 Oct 2008|05:49pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I kept on meaning to post something on LJ, but was too lazy to do a follow-up to my last entry which was about my trip to Japan in winter. Myeah...4 hours of putting up pictures and writing comments is not fun...

Anyways, thought I should make a come-back with a helpful tutorial; especially for those women who are scared of walking in the night alone.


If a man suddenly comes at you...

Follow the Lj-cut for further instructions~Collapse )

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In case those who didn’t know… [14 Dec 2007|03:55pm]
[ mood | tired ]

…I went on a five day trip to Tokyo. This time, I got myself a nice new camera for (early) Christmas and took TONS of pictures during my trip. It was much fun and much tiredness combined…though, my biggest highlight was:

I saw three cosplayers walking down the streets of Akihabara. Because they were so far away, I couldn’t take better pictures.

Another attempt…I think they were dressed up as school girls from Lucky Star and some other anime that I can’t remember the name for…

Later on, I got lucky enough to take a picture of them close by. But I realized….


(Not the best picture I took, I must say…)

It was funny though. Although the rest of the trip wasn’t as shocking as the pictures above, I hope they’ll be just as interesting for ya. XD;;

My Five Day Trip: Day 1 (AMAZINGLY IMAGE HEAVY)Collapse )

Oh! In case you were wondering what sort of camera I used, this is the one~!

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World's most frustrating Mario game, ever. [06 Jun 2007|06:28pm]
[ mood | amused ]

You don't have to watch the whole thing...just a glimpse of the first minute or two is enough. XD;;;

You can download the crazy modded game for yourself to play.

On a different note...Collapse )

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OMG IT'S BEEN FOREVER SINCE I UPDATED!!!! [17 May 2007|02:53pm]
[ mood | touched ]

Has it been almost over half a year...? I'm just lazy with updating when I don't have much to talk about (and am lazy about finding all the HTMLs to make my entry all spiffy).

Anyways, I randomly came across a Korean blog that posted this rather sad comic about Animal Crossing. It was originally written by someone on the IGN board, then got translated in Korean by some Animal Crossing lover, then got drawn into a comic by some game site comic artist. I edited the Korean words to replace the original English message...

Clickie to view the comic!Collapse )

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It's been a while.... [24 Nov 2006|06:12am]
[ mood | amused ]

Hopefully everyone had a nice Thanksgiving? I know I'm about ready to collapse from over-feeding myself. :B;;;

Well, don't have much to say since I'm a pretty boring person...but...

Lookit Me! I dance!

That's all! You should try it too! :B

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It's been a week since my trip to Tokyo [14 Jul 2006|04:11pm]
[ mood | tired ]

For those who didn't know, I went to Tokyo for three days just last week due to a friendly invitation I recieved from my father's good friend. Since I wasn't really the guest of this trip (it was actually planned for this 14 year old Washington DC girl who never went to Asia before and her last trip of the month was Japan), I didn't get to go to places that I would have loved to go, like Akihabara. ; -- ;

BTW, I'm bad at taking pictures...so most likely many of the images would be shakey and all. :B;;;

My Three Day Trip (AMAZINGLY IMAGE HEAVY)Collapse )

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Tons of things happened~ [28 Jun 2006|01:52pm]
[ mood | tired ]

So...yeah...These past two weeks have been really hectic for me. -.-
For those who know, well, I'm home...and home meaning, Korea. ~.~

I don't know why! It should be better!!! But it keeps on disconnecting and reconnecting constantly!! So annoying!!! XO;;;;;
Several times I have to refresh a website so I could finally see all the pictures getting loaded! ; --- ;
Apparently, when we moved (we moved, BTW, while I was in the US) we changed to a different internet company. Guess this one turns out to be just as bad as the previous one. ~__~
Need to call...call the company...

Anyway, besides the internet problem...the day I arrived home, I heard that I was going to....China...in less than a week. Since I never went to China before, mom thought that it would be a good opportunity. It was nice of her to send me on a trip and such, but I wished that she at least warned me a little earlier...
So, last week I went to Beijing and Shanghai...and returned just two days ago. -.-;;
I never felt wind being so warm! It was like a sauna! Everyday there was nothing but heat, heat, heat. >__<;;;
But besides the weather, I got to see tons of things. Things like the Forbidden City (which was HUGE), the Summer Palace, the Drum Tower, the Beijing Acrobats, the Great Wall of China (amazing how they built that thing on that steep hill), the food market street (that sold toasted scorpions, silk worms, and some rotten smelling tofu), the Pearl Market (where I could bid items to make them cheaper), rode the fastest train in the whole world (amazing speed...just amazing), spent the night at the once tallest hotel in the world (it's named Grand Hyatt Hotel that is 88 stories high), and so many many foods! @__@
Ah...along with being a tiring hot trip, it was fun. Made me miss going to Japan though...since I remember the last time I walked so much was the trip to Japan. ; -- ; (already one year has passed, you guys!)

But...I didn't take any pictures. X3;;;
Because taking pictures takes out the fun. I like just walking around and enjoy the scenary...instead of trying to get that perfect angle with that perfect image. Besides, others were taking tons of them instead. :P

Tired~ Haven't drawn A THING since I returned home... -.-
*sips on her Jasmine tea she bought from China*

My one biggest goal this summer is...GOING TO THAT MAID CAFE!!! XO
Sam! When you come to Korea, let's go together! X3;;;

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My life... [06 Jun 2006|02:45pm]
[ mood | Add the emotion you think fits ]

The series of emotions I feel currently...

Want to hear the rest of the story?Collapse )
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GAH!!! @___@;;; [24 May 2006|08:55pm]
[ mood | scared ]

I just got a call from Oni...apparently she missed her plane connecting from Chicago to Denver because her flight from her place was delayed...

From what I hear, the next plane will be at 9:10 AM tomorrow.
She may crash at my place...I feel so bad right now for not having a car...I would have to make her ride the long train to reach here... ; -- ;

She's right now trying to get to the customer service desk...apparently there are a lot of people there in line...might take her a while till she finds out what to do. o__o

I'm scared for her... ; -- ;

Phiew! Apparently the airport provided a hotel room for her...so this means she wouldn't need to lug her heavy bag all the way down to my school campus... XO
It was scary for a moment...glad that things worked out... @__@

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I had a weird dream... [23 May 2006|10:46pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I had a dream...where I was in a room with tons of Dreamers...Oni was sitting next to me...and Karol was at the very front...saying something important (which I can't remember...you can see just how much I pay attention to my classes :P ).

For some reason (I really don't know why) I was getting angry at Karol...So I stood up in the middle of the room...and shouted out loud "You know what? I'M LEAVING. I'm LEAVING the DREAM."


Does this mean I should leave the Dream? -.-;;
Not like I think it would make much difference at this point...

I don't hate you Karol~ ; --- ;

On a different note...
I got a Korean blog...and it's just...so...nice...They have a drawing section...where you can draw pictures and post it along with your posts. You can even upload pictures for free... @__@
It's so nice...why doesn't LJ have something like this? ; -- ;

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I'm lazy... [16 May 2006|03:29pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Since I don't tend to talk much about my life...
I'll just show you comics that I thought was amusing...
They were all in Korean but I translated for you guys to read! :B

First! Matrix Parody!

Second! Charlie Brown Parody!

Third! Death Note Parody!

Speaking of Death Note...I finally read the last chapter of the series (I think it was 108?)
My feedback...Knew this would happen...and yet, somehow didn't want to believe it. -.-
I stopped reading Death Note when Light became just...too evil for me...I was disappointed in him. -.-

I won't say much on how it ended (unless you want to know it) but I'll instead just say.......... ; -- ;

Kero~ Kero~ Kero~ -.-

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ACEN! ACEN! ACEN! [03 May 2006|08:55am]
[ mood | busy ]

Me: I can't believe ACen is coming up so close... o.o;
Oni: Me either o.o
Me: Where did the time go?!?! ; -- ;
Oni: You ate it!
Me: It was yummy. I couldn't resist it. :B
Oni: It's your fault!
Me: But...but...you ate them too... ; -- ;
Oni: nuh huh! >.> <.<;
Me: But you aged! That's a sign that you ate time too! ; -- ;
Oni: I was force fed it ;_;
Me: ....
Me: That just sounds so sad... ; --- ;

This was a conversation that was held a week ago...now, ACen is like...tomorrow...

WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!?!?! ; --- ;

On a different note...I might be spending the night on Thursday and skipping Friday classes...but this would depend on if my costume DOES NOT arrive on Thursday. Need to cut my hair today too. o.o

Also, if I lost my passport...do I have to report the police in order to issue a new one? ~__~;;
*sighs deeply*

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All About My Dog [04 Apr 2006|05:08pm]
[ mood | touched ]

It was originally in Korean (well, Japanese to be more exact) and I tried to translate it in English. It may not be as dramatic...

Prepare for the tissuesCollapse )

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Tired and cold... =__= [28 Mar 2006|08:35am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

So yesterday night I was planning on going to bed early, knowing that I had to wake up early for classes the next day. Just when I was falling asleep, my roommate comes in. Being a light sleeper I woke up...but soon enough I realized she wasn't the only one who came back.
Her "boyfriend" was here.
The moment they come in they first turn on the TV which happens to be right underneath my bed. So, for an hour I was just pretty much listening to the TV 'cause I couldn't fall asleep with all the noise...and also I was worried that they might...you know...do it again...


I just want to say...what the hell? Didn't I tell her NOT to do it when I'm in the same room? What are they? A sex-crazed maniac who feels the thrill of humping in front of a "unsuspected" roommate?

So as I was hearing the start of their sex(since I was facing my back towards them again) I shifted upwards with my arm placed over my head in such an impossible angle for a sleeping person to make. That was my first hint. The guy stopped a moment, whispering nervously at my roommate about my odd position and wondering if I were "awake." But no, they didn't take the hint. Soon after they went back to doing their business.
My second hint was coughing...nope, that didn't work. They didn't even stop a moment.

So, I stoop up, climbed off the bed, got my pillow, blanket, cell-phone, and keys, and just LEFT THE ROOM. I couldn't stand being in the same room, even if it meant sleeping on an uncomfy cold smelly floor in the study room.

It was funny how the guy pretended he was falling asleep ON TOP OF my roommate as I stood up, and my roommate was humming some weird tune as if pretending nothing was happening.

So yeah...right now I feel sleep deprived, cold, and just miserable. I really don't want to go to classes but since it's my first day...I gotta go.


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